Bags of coffee surrounding Ruci logo


June 4, 2020

Guess Who Won Free Ruci Coffee

Ruci Fam,

Two weeks ago, we created a survey to figure out some data from our biggest fans. We discovered a lot of key facts that will help us bring value and concrete understanding about the Ruci Coffee Club to you over the next couple of weeks. However, one of the biggest things was awarding some people a chance to win free coffee. Now, the original idea was to pick a couple people from each platform and allow them to experience free Ruci Coffee. After the owners, Josh and Chris, saw the responses from the survey takers, they made a decision that shocked us all.

Josh and Chris decided they were going to award everyone who filled out that survey a free month of the Ruci Coffee Club. I know, it’s crazy. Every person who took the time to fill out the survey, and who said the survey was worth the chance to receive free Ruci Coffee, will be getting their chance to enjoy a free month of the Ruci Coffee Club.

The Ruci Coffee Club is a premier gourmet coffee subscription service. We provide quality roasts from Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, and other exotic origins and blends. Our goal has always been to give you fresh roasts at the best prices we can afford. Josh and Chris created the Ruci Coffee Club to bring the amazing quality of their coffee to the country.

Did you know that over 50% of people are buying their coffee from the grocery store? In our most recent blog post, we busted a myth where people believed coffee subscription services provide stale coffee. In fact, most store bought coffee is stale. At Ruci, Josh and Chris create a fresh roast and immediately go and ship the coffee to the prospective club members to ensure quality taste and freshness.

We couldn’t be more excited for all of the winners in the most recent survey. Because of the amazing positive response we received from the survey responders, we are going to do another round! If you want to experience the superior quality of the Ruci Coffee Club, keep an eye out for our survey and take 60 seconds.