Coffee grinder and drip coffee maker on kitchen counter

Why Nobody Likes a Coffee Snob

May 25, 2020

Nobody likes a coffee snob, but everyone is allowed their preference!

We know this might be controversial, but we have to say it: nobody likes a coffee snob.

It’s the 21st century and we believe without a shadow of a doubt that people should be able to like what they like! It doesn’t matter whether you go for the rare and exotic kopi luwak feces coffee, premium 100% Kona or blue mountain peaberry, or Folgers in your cup. Coffee is more than just a simple drink, it is the memories and the routines that help get us through life one morning at a time.

If you go to a major coffee chain or small local owned shop, don’t ever let anyone guilt trip you about your drink of choice. If you want that quad shot nonfat vanilla soy latte with no foam, go for it! If you want the ice-blended with extra chocolate and heavy cream, do you! But also, if someone wants the double shot trad cap with a slightly long pull, let him be.

At Ruci we don’t frown upon anyone's coffee preference!

If you are curious, however, we definitely have a prefered style of our own!

As you may have recently learned, Ruci means taste. We love the taste of what we describe as the perfect cup. This process has many steps and all of them must be done to really ensure the highest quality of taste.

Our process looks like this: first you need to procure only the highest quality green beans - these come from farmers who truly understand the picking, pulping, fermenting, and drying process of the beans. Then, you need to make sure that those beans are roasted to absolute perfection (preferably in small batches). You need to make sure you only grind the beans right before you brew, and optimally within two weeks of roasting. Finally, when you are ready to brew in your (ideally) a pour over or a French Press, make sure you measure out everything. This includes the volume of water, the  weight of the grinds, the perfect temperature, and the exact amount of time for steeping. If all of these steps are taken seriously, this is what we believe at Ruci to be the “Perfect Cup” with the full embodiment of Ruci!

Wait, are we the coffee snobs?