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Why Coffee Will Be Around in 100 Years

May 25, 2020

Forget your fancy cyborg space-drinks, coffee is here to stay.

I am sure you have all read our recent blog series on the history of coffee. But this week we wanted to move into the future, and talk about why we know that coffee will still be around in 100 years.

The first reason we do not see coffee going anywhere is due to the social element involved. The simple act of getting coffee with an old friend, potential business partner, or your significant other is an opportunity for us to escape the digital age and go back to just being in another person's presence. No matter how far down the technology rabbit hole we go, we believe that this essential human connection will remain! And who knows? Maybe one day we’ll be sharing cups of coffee with robots, truly bridging the human-AI gap.

The second reason we think coffee is here for the long run is the amazing taste we all know and love. Coffee just has a wonderful flavor all its own that isn’t quite like anything else. We might discover new farming, roasting, and preparing techniques, but the fundamental and delicious coffee flavor will still be there.

The social and taste components of coffee are obviously amazing, but we all know that modern society would collapse without its daily dose of morning caffeine. Energy drinks tried to take coffee’s place as the caffeinated drink of choice for many, but coffee remains the most popular way to wake up in the morning. There’s just something about its delicious bitter flavor paired with that jolt of caffeine that makes coffee the perfect way to wake up.

And even if coffee was somehow replaced as a convenient way to wake up in the morning, coffee also has become its own culture. People love talking about, writing about, and discussing coffee - after all, it’s an amazing thing! We have friends that have spent hours discussing the best way to get that perfect steamed milk every time, and everyone likes to talk about how delicious their favorite roast is. Even in a dark future where coffee has lost its popularity, there will still probably be a coffee community sharing opinions about which coffee subscription has the best value, which roasts have the best flavor profile, and arguing about whether or not plant-based milk substitutes are actually milk.

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