Espresso machine dispensing espresso into glass cup

What Your Coffee Says About You

May 25, 2020

Whether you’re a drip coffee purist or an espresso aficionado, your favorite caffeinated beverage says something about you

Drip Coffee

You like your coffee like you like everything else: good, predictable, and satisfying. You don’t need anything too fancy to be happy - just some awesome friends.

Plain Espresso

You’re not afraid of a long day of work, so long as you have coffee in your hand.


You used to drink drip coffee, before you realized that an americano had more caffeine.

Traditional Macchiato

You are a hipster, and we love you for it. By the way, we just want to make sure - you didn’t mean caramel macchiato, right?

Caramel Macchiato

You know that life’s too short to avoid the good things in life, especially when they taste like caramel.


Everyone else says that traditional macchiato drinkers are hipsters, but you’re just as mysterious and wear just as much flannel - and far less confusing to order.


You’re calm, collected, and caffeinated. You have a good thing going, and you don’t see a reason to change it.


You’re a fan of the occasional indulgence - and besides, who can turn down coffee and chocolate in the same drink?


You figured out that two cappuccinos are roughly equal in calories to two lattes, and you made a tactical decision to get more coffee into your body.

Red Eye

You have a lot to get done, and you’re probably so busy you shouldn’t even be reading this. Chances are you’d also like a nap. Is time moving a bit slowly, or is it just us?