Chris Clelland and Josh Konduri in front of Ruci cart

The "Why" Behind Ruci

June 18, 2020

Cafe Quality Coffee From The Comfort Of Home

The story of Ruci begins with two people who came together over a specific question:

How can we improve our communities' quality of life through a mutual love of coffee?

After moving to America over 20 years ago, Joshua Konduri worked in the industry for Peet’s Coffee and Tea for over a decade. His role as a barista was perfect for him, as he is the type of person that is incredibly difficult to not like. His down to earth sensibility, approachability, and his passion for educating customers was noticed by everyone he encountered. Josh likes to dream big and has the ability to think of amazing ideas and help foster those visions in other people, and Christopher Clelland was no exception.

Chris had reached a point in life where he was ready to bring on a new challenge. Prior to starting Ruci, he had found his passion the first time he gained access to a computer. He instantly fell in love with technology and started learning new skills at an incredibly fast pace. Through his dedication to personal growth, he climbed the corporate ladder and his career continued to lead him into numerous different industries. He knew he wanted to start his own business, and when he found the world of coffee, he knew that this was the culture and lifestyle he wanted to do it in.

When these two met and formed a friendship, their lives instantly changed as they realized what they were capable of with their combined skill sets. They found they had a mutual passion for coffee culture, a desire to provide consumers with quality products, and an authentic aspiration to help others. These were the catalysts that created an amazing partnership.

Together they had the drive, the passion, and the know-how to take this dream and begin the necessary steps to make it happen.

They decided they couldn’t rest until the average American stopped relying on overly processed and franchised brands of coffee and tasted the difference that fresh-roasted coffee provides! They knew that they needed to get people back to coffee’s roots and true culture.

From just an idea, to a vision that fostered a lifetime friendship, Ruci is more than just a brand of coffee.

It is amazing to see how their humble beginnings of starting a mobile coffee trailer at the local farmer’s market has turned into a national coffee subscription service.

By supporting Ruci, you are supporting the dream to one day facilitate having local coffee roasts in the hands of every American, so they too can enjoy cafe quality coffee from the comfort of their homes.

If you or someone you know is interested in trying freshly roasted Ruci coffee for the first time, we highly encourage you to give it a try! On our website (, you can find single bags or even sign up for our monthly coffee subscription (Coffee Club) which includes free shipping!


Ruci is coffee culture made simple.