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The Top 3 Reasons To Buy Locally Roasted Coffee

July 16, 2020

Helping local communities one bag at a time!

If you are here, you probably already know that there is nothing better than opening up a fresh new bag of coffee beans and the aroma that comes with it. But not all coffee is roasted equal. Today we want to take a look at the top 3 reasons why, as a consumer, you should consider buying from local roasters.

Before digging in, we think it is important to understand what a coffee roaster does! The task of a master roaster is to take raw green coffee beans and “cook” them in specially designed machines to specific temperatures based on the type of roast that they are aiming to achieve. They manipulate the air, gas, time, and heat in order to bring out the fullest flavor possible from the coffee!

So why buy from a local roaster?

Freshness and better quality:

It is important to remember that coffee generally maintains its best flavor for up to 2 weeks after it has been roasted. When buying coffee from a local roaster, you can almost always rest assured that the coffee you receive has been recently roasted.

We started Ruci to deliver the highest quality cafe coffee to the comfort of your home. We have dedicated our time, energy, and effort to this purpose to help people truly realize how big of a difference they can find between locally-roasted small batch coffee and what you buy when you purchase mass-produced coffee from the supermarket! Generally market coffee will have best-by dates that can go as far out as 6 months from purchase. As we have learned, the coffee will be far outside the best range at that point!

Helps Coffee Farmers:

The second biggest reason to buy locally-roasted coffee is because at the end of the day, you are also legitimately supporting coffee farmers. In the world of coffee, farmers are often paid very little for their time and effort in growing their coffee and getting it to market. These individuals take on great risk in this profession, but most find it hard to receive a financial reward that is worth everything they pour in.

Local roasters often have strong connections with small farms around the world where they source their beans and understand how important it is to make sure they are getting paid correctly for their efforts. Through programs like Fair Trade, importers guarantee a minimum price for their coffee and help reduce exploitation in remote areas.


In our current pandemic, it may feel risky to even stop by the local supermarket just to pick up your groceries, but even if you do, you are almost guaranteed to not find high quality coffee products while you're there. What many small local coffee roasters like ourselves are doing is offering amazing programs which ship fresh coffee to your doorstep!

When you sign up for a coffee subscription program (such as our Coffee Club), you can try a variety of different delectable coffees and find out which one suits your tastes the best! Does it really get more convenient than that?

Final Thoughts:

The reason that local coffee roasters exist is because they know the difference in quality that can be achieved through small batch roasts made with love. The quality and freshness, the ability to help coffee farmers, and the convenience of delivery make it a worthwhile investment to yourself!

We love what we do and would welcome you the opportunity to try our coffee. If you are interested in tasting the difference, sign up for our Coffee Club “here” and let us know what you think!