Infographic showing top 10 coffee producing countries

The Top 10 Coffee Producing Capitals of the World

May 25, 2020

Coffee farming truly is a global phenomenon.

Coffee can only grow in very specific places around the world, with the coffee plant needing climates that are warm enough - and with the right soil! - to survive. Beyond that, the local industry itself has to be able to support the growing of coffee, which isn’t necessarily a guarantee, even if the climate is just right. That being said, coffee is the second most traded commodity, being only outdone by oil, with dozens of countries producing metric tons of the beautiful bean every year. As with most things, there are a few growers that grow a significant amount of coffee, and we’ve put together a handy list of them*.

  • Brazil - 5.7 billion pounds
  • Vietnam - 3.6 billion pounds
  • Colombia - 1.7 billion pounds
  • Indonesia - 1.4 billion pounds
  • Ethiopia - 8.4 million pounds
  • Honduras 767 million pounds
  • India - 767 million pounds
  • Uganda - 634 million pounds
  • Mexico - 515 million pounds
  • Guatemala - 449 million pounds
  • *Data used for measurement is from the year 2018