Goat walking on mountain plain

The Legend of the Coffee Bean

May 25, 2020

Dancing goats occasionally do wonderful things - like discover coffee.

Did you know it has been rumored that coffee was originally discovered by a herd of dancing goats? One day an Ethiopean farmer named Kaldi noticed his timid heard of goats starting to become unruly and wild-eyed after eating the red cherries off of a particular wild bush!

Soon Kaldi grew eager to test the cherries out for himself, and soon he was filled with a vibrating sensation and attentive energy; it was then he truly understood his discovery of the gift hidden within the fruit.

After word had spread, Kaldi took the cherries to his local monastery. The monks at first were fearful of the cherries’ abnormal properties, rejecting them and tossing them into fire. Though quickly, the new complex aroma of the cherry pits roasting in the fire filled the air, and the now lightly-charred beans were distilled into a drink. The hot beverage, smooth and earthy was then shared within the monastery and no longer feared by the monks. They found the drink allowed them to stay not only awake, but more alert into the nights and evening prayers.

As word of the berries’ power spread, they started making their way East to the Arabian Peninsula. From here the cultivation of coffee cherries would spread to Persia, Syria, Egypt, and Turkey.

For many years following, coffee became part of social practice, brewed in homes and coffee-houses. The sharing of coffee became a common practice in everyday life and soon became common consumption while exchanging knowledge. Coffee was shared in between day-to-day tasks, at meetings, plays, and became precondition to all forms of social gatherings.

Today coffee is still loved and shared in the same way, through social gatherings with friends at home or local cafes, or becoming part of a daily ritual for an individual's solitude. The grounding ability coffee has to connect us to everyday life is truly something amazing.

All coffee lovers must agree coffee brings people together, ever since Kaldi’s and the monks’ first sip.