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Subscription Coffee Myths

May 25, 2020

Why Some People Won’t Try A Great Service

Ruci Fam,

Let’s talk about myths. First we need to define a myth. A myth is a widely held but false belief or idea. There are a lot of myths about coffee subscription services. We have heard them all, I wont get quality roasts, my roasts will be stale by the time I get them, how can I trust the company, the list goes on and on. As coffee roasters who’ve started the Ruci Coffee Subscription Service, we want to not only recognize the myths, but address them and dismiss them for you.

We started down the path of coffee myth busting a while back. Recently, we encouraged our fans to engage in a survey that would allow them the opportunity to try our Ruci Coffee Club for a free trial. Now, most people read that and think, Free trial? How could someone not fill that survey out? But the reality is, there are others who will read the same statement and think, free trial, yeah right what’s the catch? If you fall into the second thought pattern, this blog is for you. Let’s bust some myths!

Coffee Subscription Services Don’t Use Quality Roasts

I wish there was a more delicate way to put this, but anyone who believes this is just simply wrong. In fact, Ruci in particular hand selects each roast to ensure a quality taste each and every time. In fact, did you know that most of the coffee you are drinking is probably bad? You read that right. After coffee has been roasted, it typically takes only 10 days for the roast to begin to lose its freshness. Now ask yourself, how long do you think the roasted beans from major companies sit in a warehouse waiting to be shipped, then on a truck waiting to be delivered, then on a skid waiting to be stocked? And then on a shelf waiting to be bought?

You don’t have this problem with our Coffee Club. We ensure fresh roasts delivered directly to your door in a timely fashion.

You Can’t Trust A Subscription Service

We have joined subscriptions too, we get it! Sometimes it feels like you're just an email address in a large sea of other email addresses. We know we have felt that way before. Don’t even get me started on some of them. Ruci never wants a customer to feel like a number. We pride ourselves on our customer care.

Did you know that Ruci actually started as a small coffee roasting company, hand pouring coffee at farmer’s markets?

We bring that same level of customer care to our Coffee Club. You aren’t just an email to us. Still don’t believe us? If you email us directly, you are put into direct contact with our co-founders Josh or Chris. Go ahead, email us and ask us anything. We understand trust is earned, so give us an opportunity to earn your trust.

Coffee Subscriptions Are Too Expensive

This one is really silly, because the math just doesn’t support this myth at all. If you read last week’s blog, you’ll see what we mean. We actually broke down the average American’s budget on coffee and compared it to a Ruci Coffee Club and it ended up being a yearly savings of over $600.

So there you have it, three myths busted. Please send us your myths! Let us take a swing at busting them! We hope you will take us up on our offer, and email us directly to speak with our Co-Founders. If you want to do more research on us, feel free to visit us at