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Our Favorite Coffee Myths

May 25, 2020

Some people have some interesting ideas about coffee.

Coffee is an amazing thing - I think we can all agree there - but it does have some drawbacks. It's a little bit acidic, for one, and it can contribute to a slightly less-white smile. But some myths about coffee are just completely unfounded or come from facts completely blown out of proportion.

Coffee Makes You Dehydrated

This one is a commonly-held belief because caffeine genuinely is a diuretic, which will cause your body to flush out more water, eventually causing dehydration. However, unless you’re drinking pure caffeine, coffee is made with water which counteracts caffeine’s diuretic effects. We don’t recommend that you stop drinking water entirely, but a cup of drip coffee will hydrate you about as much as a glass of water (with the added bonus of giving you that caffeine buzz).

Decaf Coffee is Caffeine-Free

This is more of a misconception than a myth, but it’s so widely believed that we need to talk about it - decaf coffee has caffeine. While the process of decaffeinating coffee does remove a significant portion of the caffeine, decaf coffee is not caffeine-free. So if you’re trying to sleep at night, a decaf cup of coffee won’t do you any favors

Drinking Coffee Causes Insomnia

We’ve all heard someone say something along the lines of ‘I couldn’t sleep because I drank too much coffee during the day’. And while the caffeine in coffee does energize you, caffeine is actually processed by your body extremely fast and should be completely out of your system within roughly 5 hours. So if you’re having trouble sleeping and you’re not drinking coffee late in the day, the cause of your insomnia is likely something else.

Coffee Will Cure Your Hangover

We all know what causes a hangover - alcohol - but it’s not often clear exactly why it happens. Generally, the worst hangover symptoms are caused by dehydration, which is why so many people recommend drinking water after a night out. Coffee won’t cure your hangover, but it can take the edge off by stimulating your central nervous system and making you feel a bit more alert.

Dark Roasts Have More Caffeine

As we talked about here, there is a definite difference in the caffeine content of different roasts - but not how most people think. Dark roasts actually have less caffeine than their light roast equivalent, due to how the beans react to the longer roasting process.

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