Coffee beans in bowls on stone floor

Behind the Beans

May 25, 2020

The Ruci Story

Why have we chosen to write a blog about our origin? Simple, in a world that seems to become more chaotic at every turn, it is important to remember why we set out on our journeys in the first place. We recently sat down with a branding expert to discuss our company and being reminded of our beginnings inspired us to tell you our story. Some of you know it, most of you don’t. Ruci is more than just coffee, Ruci stands a singular first step on a much larger dream we have to bring local freshly roasted coffee to the public at large across the entire US.

Josh has been working in the world of coffee for over a decade. He quickly found a passion for the industry and became a student of coffee in every meaning of the word. Josh also found coffee as a means of connecting with others. When Josh came to America he found that coffee served as a way he could connect with his community. Josh was passionate about people, educating them, and connecting with them over their mutual affection for coffee.

Chris was always a consultant for other entrepreneurs. However, he never felt directly invested in the dreams or aspirations of any project he was involved with. When Chris met Josh all of that changed. Josh’s passion for bringing the highest quality coffee to the public was infectious to Chris. Josh spoke about a dream to bring locally roasted coffee to everyone across the country. He told Chris of his dream and Chris adopted this dream as well. Chris knew the steps that needed to be taken to make this dream become a reality. This was the moment Ruci was born.

Chris and Josh decided to start with their own local community, going to farmers markets and personally handing freshly roasted coffee to market-goers. Ruci has since evolved into a premier online coffee subscription service. However, one thing that has never changed is the dream to bring locally roasted coffee to the public. So why do we tell you this? To make one very important point clear. Supporting Ruci doesn’t just support your local businesses, it supports all local roasters and the dream of one day bringing locally roasted coffee to the public at large. For more information you can check our Roaster Finder here