About Ruci

Our current journey...

Welcome to Ruci! We invite you to peruse the site, buy a couple bags of quality coffee beans, read an article or two, and share your thoughts along the way!

Just know that whenever you see the Ruci logo, it is a symbol of quality, taste, and timely delivery to your doorstep.

Why roasters?

Introducing the unsung heroes of every cup of coffee: the roasters.

Roasters have the difficult job of finding the best sources of quality beans from the myriad of plantations across the globe, and then converting those "green beans" into an experience any barista will find easy to derive that coffee's inherent art. From sourcing and timely importing, to roasting at just the right temperature and duration, roasting is both an art and science which in untrained, uninspired hands can spell disaster. Roasters perfect their craft over time, producing something of quality you won't find on a typical grocery store shelf or at mass scale "rapid-serve" coffee joints.

Who (and what) is "Ruci"?

Ruci (రుచి, "roo-chee") is Telugu (Josh's language from the southern part of India) for "taste". Nothing sums up our product strategy better than this. We are big on small business, supporting and encouraging each entrepreneur in whatever way we can, but from there, we also want to provide a seamless ordering and delivery experience for the quality, flavorful products offered from those businesses.

Josh (CEO + visionary + coffee dude + family guy) and Chris (COO + visionary + business/technical dude + family guy) were encouraged by their wives to connect on an idea Josh had and see how that idea might be transformed to reality. It all started with coffee...

Since moving to the U.S. with his family a decade ago, Josh has worked, lived, and breathed the coffee industry, developing a genuine soft spot in his heart for the many friendships he cultivated across the roaster community. Through each of these experiences, he observed one very common opportunity: to close the sizable gap between roasters and the consumers at large who have little or no knowledge of those roasters' existence.

Chris has spent the past couple decades in business and technology, supporting small- to large-scale companies, but with origins in construction, food services, and other point-to-point consumer interactions. His passion for connecting business owners with more optimal means of delivering products and services of value to their current and prospective markets has been the core driver in every decision and interaction.

Both being big on a common love for Jesus Christ, their wives and kids, and small businesses, it only made sense for them to connect the remaining dots: coffee and technology. Starting in mid-2016 in Josh's living room, the two paired up and set out to create something new but with surroundings familiar enough to consumers to make the process of finding and obtaining great coffee as easy a process as breathing.